Alex Jones planning to spend day creating “sock accounts” on Facebook

Following an outright ban from the Facebook platform on Thursday, right-wing radio host Alex Jones, best known for his Infowars program, plans to spend the day creating “sock accounts” to revive his program’s presence on the social networking platform.
Sock accounts, also known as “alternate accounts” or “fake profiles”, are commonly employed by social networkers who frequently experience bans or other interruptions in their accounts to get around suspensions from the networks’ administrators. Sock accounts are also frequently used as back-up administrators on controversial pages and groups.
“It’s pretty easy,” posits Jones. “I can just use an email account from a mirror domain I use, toss in some basic stats — fake name, fake birth date, fake photos, you know the deal — and presto, I’m in, and I can create as many pages and groups as I want.”
Jones’ new personal accounts appear under the names Schmalex Chones, Dallex Dones, and Olive Obama.

alex jones fb sock
Alex Jones’ new personal accounts are under the names Schmalex Chones, Dallex Dones, and Olive Obama.

“Olive Obama … it’s a play-on words, do you get it?” Jones chuckled. “Its like telling them that I love (former president Barack) Obama. Facebook would never dare to delete an account of an Obama lover.”
Jones lost several pages — most notably, his popular Infowars account — in a wide-scale sweep of the network that axed several high-profile accounts for what Facebook claims to be hate speech or other abuses. Many contend that the Infowars program and Jones-related websites lean more heavily on conspiracy theories than actual news, which has led to legal trouble for Jones over the years. Previously, the controversial host has been suspended from other social networks as well as receiving temporary bans from the Facebook platform for hate speech and bullying.
“This whole cyber-bullying thing … I’m sorry, but I don’t see how a website or a video amounts to bullying,” Jones contends. “Anything with a red X in the corner that allows you to close it can’t possibly be bullying because you, the watcher, controls it. So, when I hear these clowns tell me that I am a bully, well that makes me want to march right down to their offices and grab every one of them by their scrawny little necks and just snap each and every one of them right in two!”
“It’s like Facebook is out to harm my followers,” Jones worries. “They’re trying to get them! If you really think about it, that’s the only thing that makes any real sense here. Facebook is so busy creating a social network where everything is gay this, trans that … seriously, have you seen it? That’s all it is now, that’s the kind of stuff they’re promoting. Then they see someone like me, a rugged alpha male with new and exciting ideas, and they just want to clamp down on it, smash it, just squash me out! It’s like they see millions of educated, dedicated Infowars subscribers not turning gay and these scum on this outright filth network want to change that.”
“I can’t just let that happen to my friends,” Jones insisted. “These people rely on me for the truth that Facebook and the mainstream media won’t tell. If you don’t think there’s something wrong with a network that poisons people with homoerotic fantasy but bans the truth … well, by God, if I’m the only man who can stop that, then I have to do my best.”
Jones reports that his new promotional Facebook page — Schminfowars — will be up and running by later today.

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