Trump offers Joey Lawrence position as White House Tanning Director

The Trump transition team announced today that it had extended an offer to actor Joey Lawrence to serve as White House Tanning Director.
Lawrence, 40, is a well-known character actor who has displayed his diversity for such television roles as Joey on Gimme a Break, Joey on Blossom, Joe on Brotherly Love, and Joe on Melissa & Joey. He has also released a handful of albums and compact discs.

Sources close to Trump say that he hand-picked Lawrence for the position, quoting the president-elect as saying that Lawrence “always manages to reach peak glowing tans and oranges, he’s an absolute marvel.”
In an interview on ABC News, Presidential Counselor Kellyanne Conway said that the president-elect is “hopeful that Joey will take the position, (he’s) really looking forward to getting right to work with him on tans, the deficit, whatever comes up.”
“At times, the president-elect is a little self conscious when he comes under fire for his tan, which is usually impeccable. He’s ready to enlist some outside help,” Conway confided.
In the meantime, Lawrence is reportedly weighing his options. His last steady series, Melissa & Joey was cancelled from the ABC Family lineup in 2015, and he has recently been seen hanging around the set of Sy-Fy originals and Hallmark Christmas films as well as challenging himself in the stark, gritty role of David inĀ  Arlo the Burping Pig.
“It’s a lot to wrap my head around,” said Lawrence. “I’ve been in the entertainment industry since I was 5 years old. It would obviously be a great honor to take my talents to Washington, but the job’s not as great a payer as, say, a regular series on Fox, which I’ve been kind of holding out for. I’ve got to weigh my earnings potential as a thespian versus this, you know, White House thingy.”
Lawrence is expected to take the position.

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