YouTube Video Debunking a YouTube Shooting Debunking Video Debunked by YouTube Debunker

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A viral YouTube video debunking another viral YouTube video which debunked an earlier claim that debunked this week’s shooting of three people at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno as a “false flag” has began circulating among internet conspiracy and debunker channels.
The YouTube video, entitled “Debunked! Of Course It’s a False Flag! This A-Hole Has No Idea What He Is Talking About!” was purportedly released to debunk a YouTube video’s claim that Youtube shooter Nasim Najafi Aghdam, who killed herself after wounding three YouTube employees, was a YouTube content generator who was disgruntled over what she believed to be biases in YouTube promotion instead of an operative in a false flag operation designed to create more censorship on the internet.
The YouTube debunker who posted the video, who refers to himself as “Mark”, claimed to hold evidence that Aghdam was “brainwashed into a way of thinking by powers who saw her as prone to persuasion” and whose “lone goal is to silence voices of dissent on social media channels.” He says his video debunks the previous debunking video thoroughly, and insists that more consideration should be given to the initial debunking video, “False Flag! YouTube Shooting was Staged to Push For More Internet Censorship!” which debunked the YouTube shooting as a false flag, which he claims was not effectively debunked by the debunking video that purported to debunk those claims.
Mark offered a “personal guarantee” that videos that dissented from mainstream opinion would slowly be removed from the video network, soon to be followed by numerous other outlets who rely upon video advertising for profits. Mark also guaranteed that “the Jews are clearly behind this” and that the previous debunker was “probably a faggot or something.”
Mark’s video debunking the previous debunker’s debunking video can be seen by clicking here.


SHOCKING! After 53 years, FBI comes clean: Lee Harvey Oswald was not involved in 1963 shooting!

After decades of speculation as to his role in the 1963 spectacle, the Federal Bureau of Investigations finally came clean on Tuesday, admitting that Lee Harvey Oswald played no role in the shooting of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.
The report, issued on the 53rd anniversary of Oswald’s arrest in connection with the shooting of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, states that “unequivocally, Lee Harvey Oswald had no connection to films, Hitchcock, or Hollywood in general. (Oswald) was not even a fan of theater, and was an especially avid bird hater.”
The news is will inevitably send shockwaves through the rock-bottom end of the conspiracy circuit, which has long made ties between several 1963 films, including the legendary Hitchcock film, and the 1963 shooting of the 35th president of the United States. Based upon details released in numerous books and documentaries, many who support Oswald’s innocence believed that the scratch seen on Oswald’s head in post-arrest photograph’s was caused by a crow or other large bird.
According to Tom Barnhardt, who wrote the definitive tome Oswald Was Definitely An Aspiring Actor (And Here’s Why You’re a Moron For Believing Otherwise), “It is just so unlikely that any force was required the gentle fellow, there’s just no other logical conclusion that one could draw aside from the a Bird Peck Theory. This considered, the new information is tough to swallow, and could yet be just more of the FBI’s filthy lies.”
According to the documents released today, the FBI “knew beyond a shadow of a doubt” that rumors that Oswald had been a gaffer and background scene player on the Hitchcock production surfaced were “baseless and utterly moronic”.

The information about Oswald’s lack of interest in a film career was available at the time of the Warren Commission, but was hastily omitted along with roughly 1200 other pages of information that may or may not have been pertinent information about the assassination.
The Bureau recognizes that after numerous requests, we should have already made this information available. That we have not is not excusable. However, withholding this detail for 53 years is a reflection of the persistent sense of humor upon which the Bureau prides itself.

The FBI report confirmed that the Bureau still believes Oswald to be President Kennedy’s assassin, although the report continued to say that “the verdict is still out on J.D. Tippet, Antonin Scalia, and that chick from Diff’rent Strokes“.
“We hope this closes this extremely moronic chapter of public discourse on the assassination,” the report concluded.