Here are the two biggest reasons “Gun Girl” Kaitlin Bennett still has a loyal following

bvo in focusKaitlin Bennett was thrust into the spotlight in 2018 when the then-Kent State University student infamously posed for her graduation photo with an AR-10 long rifle and posited that she should be allowed to open-carry at Kent State, a school infamous for an incident where National Guardsmen shot 13 protesting students in 1970.

Since then, Bennett has maintained a heavy presence on social media, with over 350,000 followers on Twitter and another 200K on Instagram while being regularly featured on such popular conservative sites as Alex Jones’ InfoWars and Liberty Hangout (it should be noted that she married Liberty Hangout’s founder this year, and everyone here at the Observer hopes they enjoy many happy years together).

During a routine search of social media related to Bennett, our researchers found that a considerable percentage of commenters who would appear to fall within Bennett’s target audience seem to find her segments to be “cringe-worthy” with Bennett’s approach to on-the-street interviews derivative” and annoying. Yet she still attracts lots of attention, and her continuing presence indicates that she still “gets the hits”, so to speak. Even though her message doesn’t always stoke the 2A crowd, they’re still listening.

So, what keeps the aptly christened “Gun Girl” relevant more than two years later?
The Brown Valley Observer research team studied Bennett’s online presence to see what keeps Gun Girl popular on social media.

After an exhaustive study of all available materials online, here are what our research team found to be the two biggest reasons why Bennett continues to attract attention and remain relevant with conservatives and 2nd Amendment supporters on social media.

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