Melania Trump phone hack photos suggest affair with Virginia newsman, further clouding President’s future

When it rains, it pours, or so it seems for president Donald Trump.
Defeated in the 2020 election by Joe Biden and impeached — for a second time — on January 13, Trump’s future past the presidency was already murky. It seemed like, moving forward, all he had going for him was his wealth and his beautiful family.
Then, last night, an anonymous hacker unleashed a small but very telling series of photos acquired, he claims, by hacking First Lady Melania Trump’s phone.
“I was looking for anything revealing about the president”, the source reveals, “but what I found was instead more revealing about the First Lady …very revealing, in fact.”
The hacker posted a series of photos collected out of the phone suggesting an illicit affair between First Lady Melania and a man believed to be Virginia newspaper editor Randall Everend. The post included one photo that appears to depict a sexual situation as well as other photos of a nude Everend on what appears to be a fur bed covering which metadata suggests were taken with Melania’s phone.

A phone hack found photos of Melania Trump in a compromising position with a man believed to be a Virginia news editor.

Everend took the helm of Virginia’s Brown Valley Observer in 2016, and has since become notable for breaking stories about Ghislaine Maxwell, Pat Robertson and “Gun Girl” Kaitlyn Bennett as well as notable celebrities Scott Baio, Ron Jeremy and Lemmy Kilminster.
This will not be the first time the president has crossed paths with Everend. In 2017, the Trump administration became the first to offer the Brown Valley Observer White House press credentials after Everend garnered sponsorship which helped established the newspaper’s prominence in the region. In early 2018, Trump praised Everend and his newspaper — The Brown Valley Observer —- for what he felt was accurate, favorable reporting of the now-disgraced administration.
While not known at this time, several online sources believe that Everend may have used those press credentials to access the First Lady, after which the affair likely began.
“While Donald and Melania both boast about (Melania’s) traditional values, there’s often been questions about whether or not the First Lady receives much attention from the president or appreciates the media circus that swirls around this administration at all times. It’s hard to be surprised to discover that she may have compromised her marriage at some point when coming face-to-face with someone with the good looks, charm, compassion and downright animal magnetism of someone of Everend’s caliber,” one pundit explained.
The president, in the meantime, is believed to have engaged in numerous extra-marital affairs during his marriage to Melania, most notably with adult-star Stormy Daniels. Details surrounding the Daniels affair dominated headlines in 2018. However, there have been no substantial rumors circulating about the seemingly-loyal First Lady, at least until now.
It is unclear what the photos mean to the president’s marriage or if the president was aware of the affair before these photos leaked. What is clear, however, is that exposing this affair at such a touchy time in the president’s career muddies the water for the business-magnate-turned-politician, whom many believe may be charged as a criminal once his presidential term expires. Losing his family support unit at such a crucial time may be enough to sink the rapidly falling and likely-to-be-deposed president.
While it is expected that the hack will be fully investigated, for now the president — and America — will have to deal with the fallout of what the hack revealed.
In the meantime, rumors continue to swirl around the presidents daughter, Ivanka, who many now believe may be engaging in a sexual relationship with husband Jared Kushner, and not the president as was long believed.

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