White House planning to hide valuable, pocket-sized items ahead of Hunter Biden visit

WASHINGTON (BV) – White House officials today announced plans to hide small and valuable items from plain view ahead of a visit by President-elect Joe Biden’s family, including son Hunter, later this week.
Officials declined to specify a reason for hiding the knick-knacks and historical heirlooms, although the implication in a public statement was to allow the Bidens to begin their own interior decorating.
“We would never want to make the President-elect nor his family feel uncomfortable by leaving around valuable but impractical historical pieces or pointless time-honored relics of past presidents. What use would the president’s family have for such silly decor as gold and pens, the presidential pipe collection, or even just crap like White-House logo ashtrays that end up in pawn shops for $30? We want them to feel comfortable entering with a clean slate, with plenty of spaces available to place their own pocket-sized mementos moving forward. We hope they come prepared with pockets full of their own knick-knacks and leave with pockets empty, having liberally placed those knick-knacks around the White House so they can make it a little bit more like home.”
An upstart appraisal business reportedly financed by Joe Biden’s son Hunter estimates that the total value of items seen in photos and expected to be hidden by White House staff is over $2.3 million at auction, and up to $4 million on the black market.

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