In memoriam: Comedian Tim Conway, 85, succumbs to injuries sustained in Siamese elephant trampling

Comedian Tim Conway passed away May 14 after struggling with the long term effects of injuries related to a Siamese elephant trampling. He was 85.
Conway was initially injured during a 2018 sideshow trampling incident during which Siamese elephants became spooked by a monkey who was trained to dance the merengue and slide on the elephants’ conjoined trunks.
The resilient comedian had previously survived a well documented koala attack in the early 1980s.
Best remembered for his roles in The Apple Dumpling Gang, The Carol Burnett Show, and as “Dorf” from a series of straight-to-video comedic how-to videos, Conway’s spirit and brilliant comedic timing brought joy to millions, and he will be sorely missed.

From comedians and fans of comedy everywhere: thank you for everything, Tim Conway.


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