Amid “hip” campaign reset, Elizabeth Warren admits she smoked peace pipe, listened to Huey Lewis in 1980s

With several of the 21 Democratic candidates “resetting” their campaigns in the wake of Joe Biden’s entry into the race, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) started playing catch-up by admitting to reporters that she used to listen to Huey Lewis & the News records while smoking a peace pipe in the 1980s.

Elizabeth Warren admitted that, in the 1980s, she smoked a peace pipe and listened to Huey Lewis & the News

Confessing to youthful indiscretions and guilty pleasures has been a stalwart tactic of 2020 Democratic candidates, and Warren hopes the admission — which resembles Kamala Harris’ well publicized confession that she smoked marijuana and traveled to the future to listen to Snoop Dogg and Tupac while she was at college — will help her gain traction with younger voters.
“Well, its hip to be square, especially with such a young field of candidates this year,” Warren joked, “but you also have to be up front about your past. I understand what it’s like to be rebellious, wild and free, taking tokes off the old peace pipe while ‘Happy to Be Stuck With You’ carries you off into the the type of psychedelic wonderland that only Huey Lewis & the News can carry you off to.”
Warren told reporters that she felt like Huey’s early work was a little “new wave” for her tastes, but she says she felt like the band “came into their own” on 1983’s Sports album. She admitted that she felt that 1986’s Fore was the band’s most accomplished album, with tracks that epitomized “the pleasures of conformity and the importance of trends.”
“It’s all very modern, in retrospect, like Huey had a looking glass into the future because he paints a very real picture of what 21st century living is like for young people,” Warren said, adding with a wink that “it seems like you can get as much out of getting high and listening to Huey today as you did in the 1980s.”

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