“Embarrassing” photos surface of young Justin Trudeau dressed as a white man

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has found himself embroiled in controversy after “embarrassing” photographs surfaced depicting Trudeau dressing and acting like a Caucasian male during his early years.
In one now-viral photo, Trudeau is pictured wearing a flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off at what appears to be a campground with other white people in the background.

young justin trudeau smaller
Photos of Justin Trudeau appearing to be dressed as a white man with normal testosterone levels appeared online recently.

“I can’t begin to tell you how embarrassed I am about these photographs,” Trudeau told the press Thursday. “I have made every effort in my life to dress in all manners of blackface, brownface, and appropriated garb at every turn possible. Many of my most avid supporters know this about me, that my experiences living as an Arabic Mexican Negro woman are a big part of my understanding of minority issues, and I am deeply embarrassed by the surfacing of photographs which regrettably depict me dressing and behaving like a white man with normal testosterone levels.”
Trudeau explained the camping photo by describing how he’d found himself attracted to a young white woman and had ventured out with some schoolmates so he could try to get closer to the woman.
“I figured that all of the other black guys at my school were getting some white tail, so why shouldn’t I? So, I just dove in headfirst, I — I just did it. I took off the blackface for a day so that I could try to befriend a white woman. I realize that I didn’t have to be white to get a white woman, and I now realize that it was racist to do so, but being a feminist first and foremost, I recognize that it’s important that a woman be as comfortable as possible when you’re trying to get past them flaps.”
“And it worked, I tapped that stuff. I bragged to all of my friends about it. I can’t take it back now,” Trudeau admitted.
The photographs surfaced just weeks before national elections. It’s uncertain what impact the photos may have on Trudeau’s re-election bid.

It’s hard to imagine that this man once dressed and behaved like a white person, but newly surfaced photographs are changing how people see Justin Trudeau.

“I realize these photographs could be very hurtful to my re-election bid, and for that I am deeply sorry,” Trudeau told reporters. “I also recognize that some people were shocked to see photos of me where I wasn’t dressed like an Arab or a black, and I want to apologize to those voters, specifically, who might have been disappointed to see exposed to me in such a  light.”
Trudeau told reporters he was unsure exactly how many occasions he had dressed as a Caucasian, and that he was deeply sorry about all such instances.
Similar allegations of Trudeau’s flirtation with living as a white man have surfaced previously, with Trudeau able to deflect each easily.
In one such incident, a reporter for CBC asked if Trudeau were dressed as a Caucasian during a 2012 charity boxing match.

Trudeau was a Mexican for a 2012 charity boxing match.

“Do you even watch boxing?” Trudeau snapped at the reporter. “I was clearly dressed as a tough, angry, unpredictable Mexican during that event and to see anything else would be quite racist,” adding, “Don’t try to mess with me, vato. I’m tough and unpredictable, just like one of those little Mexicans.”
Trudeau referenced that same boxing event as he detailed plans to move forward.
“While I’m very sorry about these disgusting photographs, I have no plans to just lay down. I plan to enshroud my head in something dark colored to cushion me against the repeated staged media blows, and I’ll come out with a flurry of staged punches of my own.”

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  1. EXCELLENT timely article, even after all these years he’s still outrunning his whiteness. I often wonder if it has anything to do with his life long separation from his Cuban father and never being able to share his rightful minority status with Canadians/the world. Sadly his MKULTRA counseling did little to help his mental issues. Sad story really.
    Thanks for the article… I will share it on my Twitter, since it’s election time Canada may be interested in it.


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