Out-of-place man can’t wait to get the fuck back into air-conditioned truck

An obviously out-of-place man standing on a roadside just outside of El Paso is reportedly impatiently awaiting the opportunity to “get the fuck back into the air conditioned truck” and be driven back to town for a comfortable lunch.

Somebody should get this poor fella some ice water.

Riding with a commissioned photographer, the man was reportedly confused as to “why in the fuck we would pull over in the middle of nowhere” and “why the fuck am I being asked to get out”, insisting that he was “good for the hourly fee, if that’s the issue.”
“We’re just here to take photos,” the photographer reminded him.
“So, we’re way out of town now, huh?” the man inquired, worriedly.
“About a mile out, give or take” the photographer replied blandly. “Let’s get a couple of shots here and move on.”
The man reportedly expressed concerns about how long he might be outside of the truck, divulging concerns about both safety and heat.
Wow, it gets really fucking uncomfortable out here in the sun. I wasn’t really counting on this type of adversity. It must be, what, 83 degrees out here? 85?” he called to the photographer, looking longingly at the pick-up.
“Yes, at least,” the photographer called back.
“Wow,” the man responded, widening his eyes and sweeping the back of his hand across his brow. “You almost need a big wall to protect you from the sun out here.”
The man hurriedly positioned himself and told the photographer,Sure, I can strike a few Reagan poses“, before lamenting to himself aloud, “I bet The Price Is Right is on right now. And I’m missing it. Just out here in the middle of nowhere, primping for a camera and missing the first Showcase Showdown.
“Geez, can we just move this along?” he barked to the photographer.
“Yes,” the photographer called back, annoyed. “Now, can you just stand there and try to look stoic?”
“Yes,” the man replied. “I can look stoic. Are you hungry? I’m hungry.”

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