New Snapchat filter will turn mundane dick pics into cool scratch & sniffs

A new Snapchat filter is set to wow touchscreen users by including technology that will allow users to “smell” penis photographs by simply rubbing their fingertip across the touch monitor in a “scratching” motion.

Smartphone users eager to smell dick pics won’t have long to wait thanks to DickSniff™

The new DickSniff™ filter, developed by software makers in India, works with an innovative technology called TouchSensory, which mimics traditional scratch and sniff paper technology. When penis pictures sent through Snapchat are “scratched” on a touch screen phone or other touch monitor, the device emits an inaudible noise frequency which “tricks” the olfactory system by tapping into subconscious aroma memories and and triggering particular remembered smells, making the user believe that he or she has enjoyed a physical aroma. So far, the scientists have uncovered frequencies that will make the user believe he or she has smelled fragrances such as daisies and sweaty penis, honeysuckle and sweaty penis, Chanel No. 5 and sweaty penis, bacon and swamp nuts, stale urine and week old underpants, dried semen, and recently deceased tortoise.
“It was easy to unlock the sensory trigger for sweaty penis and testicles as the aroma is particularly unforgettable,” the team reports.
“We think this will make the entire dick pic experience much more fulfilling, knowing that any time someone sends a photograph of their engorged genitals across the Snapchat platform, the recipient will be able to know that even though by holding with masculine customs you don’t necessarily wash your gentalia, per se, you would care enough to occasionally douse it with perfumes or herbs and spices entirely for the enhanced pleasure of the prospective partner.”
Snapchat hopes to have the DickSniff™ filter up and running by early next year.

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