Amid impeachment buzz, Trump worries Pence unready to berate women, sexualize own kids “when job calls for it”

As Congressional Democrats ramp up language on impeaching President Donald Trump, sources close to the president say that he has privately expressed concerns over Vice President — and legal successor — Mike Pence’s unwillingness to berate women or sexualize his own children, “even when the job calls for it.”

While still confident in Pence’s ability to lead, an embattled President Trump has expressed concerns about Mike Pence’s “overly conservative” approach to family.

An insider told The Brown Valley Observer that Trump does still like and feel confident in Mike Pence.
“The President feels Mike Pence has been both a great right-hand man as well as a great insurance policy to this point in his presidency. However, he has expressed concerns about Mike’s personal policy of not taking private meetings with women and his overall softer demeanor. He worries that (Pence) is not the type of guy who would heckle a woman for her weight or her appearance, even when it appears to be an effective move.”
According to the insider, Trump was once overheard telling the Vice President: “‘You can’t just let them say stupid or harmful things and not call them out or insult their meager intelligence,'” adding, “‘It’s harder to get the public to register the amount of doubt you need until you get something to stick to them, like  Sleepy-Eye Feinstein or Alexandria Ocasio-Horsechompers.”
In intimate conversations with White House staffers, the president has also expressed dismay about Pence’s “overly conservative” approach to family.
“‘Look at how beautiful my family is,'” Trump reportedly told one staffer. “‘I have the most beautiful family, my daughters are sizzling. Success and beauty, at their core, are Americana in many, many ways. Mike’s girls are … you know, they’re not as conventionally beautiful as mine, but they’re really quite pretty in a certain light, at certain angles. But, it’s like they’re dressed in funeral attire. What the hell is that? We’re taking a beating in the fake news polls right now. You’d think Mike would suggest Charlotte try an off-the-shoulder look or ask Audrey to show a little leg every once in a while, just for America’s sake.'”
In the meantime, Pence insists that he is the man he needs to be in any event that circumstances require, telling friends, “There’s a side of me that I don’t let out very often, but make no mistake, I am not a pushover. I’m not afraid to call a woman a — you know — a large or unsightly b-word or something to that effect if the situation presented itself.”

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