Former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson claims Hobiephobia is rampant in Hollywood

Noting his diminished onscreen presence over the past two decades, former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson told social media followers recently that he’s being kept out of select roles due to a persistence of Hobiephobia in Hollywood.
“Some of the elites in Hobiewood have some really outdated idea about the entire Hobie experience. You know, they’re really inviting to some groups of people, but they seem to have a real hard-on for keeping the Hobies out,” Jackson told his fans via a pre-recorded video.

“Hobie” Jackson (3rd from left) with lesser-known Baywatch castmembers

“Not even David has Hoffered me anything,” Jackson lamented about former co-star David Hasselhoff. “He’s literally the last guy who I ever thought would turn out to be a Hobiephobe.”
Jackson has made very few acting appearances since his run on Baywatch ended in 1999. He’s placed himself in the public eye several times, showing up on numerous reality series like Big Brother and Celebrity Rehab, but has admits that the roles that those gigs led to were less than what he was Hobing for.
“It really hurts me knowing how rampant deep-seated Hobiephobia is, and that because of it I’m no longer in-demand,” Jeremy admitted, clarifying that he couldn’t think of one other principled reason why he wasn’t still a Hoba-fide superstar.
Over the years Jackson has almost become better known for his wild behavior than for his iconic role as Hobie Buchannon. In 2008, he appeared in a pornographic video, and in 2015 he was kicked off of a reality show for common assault. Finally, in 2017, he served a 270 day jail sentence related to a 2015 stabbing.
“I know I’ve been involved in a few Hobetroversies over the years, but that’s all in my past. I’m really focused now and I’ve really been Hobing my craft,” Jackson pitched. “I’m ready to jump in anywhere and add value to someone’s franchise. If Marvel needs a new Hobie Stark, I’m available. If Disney’s Star Wars is looking for a Hobie Wan Kenobi, the Hobiephone is currently open and I’m ready to listen to offers. I can be an Avatar. I can play either Coy or Vance Duke. I am versatile.”
“All of my loyal fans know I can still do a Hobetastic job if I just had the Hobertunities,” Jackson said.

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