Testy Democrats demand full investigation into who left lingering odor in US Capitol women’s restroom

Testy Congressional Democrats demanded Tuesday that the House Oversight Committee launch a full-scale to determine who has been leaving a lingering odor behind in the shared-use women’s restroom in the US Capitol.
Chatter was heavy on the House floor about what representatives were calling “DooDooGate” before the session, and a motion to investigate was brought to the floor by Oversight Committee Vice Chair Katie Hill (D-CA), who is serving in her first Congressional term. Hill took the floor early Thursday morning with a strong reprimand for her fellow Congresswomen.
“The elected and trusted position of U.S. Congressperson is an honor, and that some of you hussies can’t conduct yourselves with a little dignity is an embarrassment. Congressional ratings are low, the stakes are high, and we all need to focus. But, so long as that stink is lingering in there, who can focus? It’s high time we found out whom among you is doing this and revoke or otherwise supervise your bathroom privileges.”

This photo was taken in the women’s restroom at the US Capitol.

Though new to the Congress, Hill appreciates the too-recent history of a women’s restroom in the US Capitol. The legislative epicenter of the United States government did not have a restroom available for female representatives in Congress until 2011. Before that, many women were asked to leave entirely to find a nearby facility or to duck behind a hedge and shit in the bushes.
“I still remember hearing on the news that Congressional women had finally gotten their own restroom. It seems so mundane, but I staked a lot of pride in that event because it meant progress for women and women’s voices in government. To come here and see that at least some of you have absolutely no respect for that progress is detestable. I’ve been here for three months and I’ve already seen several abandoned tampons, I’ve noticed that some of you use the hover method and piss all over the seat and the floor, and I’m regularly bowled over the second I open the door with the smell of rancid feces.”
While several Democrats applauded Hill’s statements, House Republicans took issue with Hill’s request, pointing out that this was an issue for the Capitol custodial staff, and that any such investigation would best be handled by security detail. Rob Wittman (R-VA) said that it was too odd a request to send either members of the Oversight Committee or hired investigators into the women’s facility to oversee it’s usage. Steve Chabot (R-OH) suggested that this wasn’t even the type of thing the Oversight Committee handles and pondered how in the hell Hill had been named vice chair of the Committee.

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