Protesters to burn more trash in streets to protest US withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement

Angry protesters in Seattle and Portland have announced plans to protest President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement by burning more trash in the streets.
The president announced on Thursday that the US was withdrawing from the agreement, a multinational accord designed to combat global warming.
Organizers have decided that protests — which routinely devolve into street fires, property destruction, and other chaos — are the best way to let the President know how they feel about a cleaner planet and sustainable energy sources.

Portland protesters want the president to know that they are opposed to air pollution.

“I really feel that a pile of burning underwear and garbage in the middle of Portland is the best way to let this idiot president know how committed we are to a cleaner planet,” said Liz Stockman, a protester who buses in from northern California to join the regularly scheduled protests.
“It’s disgusting the way they let factories just pump pollutants into the air so they can have whatever they want,” Stockman said, who says he usually brings old car tires to protests to help street fires burn longer.
Seattle mayor Ed Murray says he plans to attend the protests in Seattle.
“I have lots of paperwork to burn,” said Murray. “Not to mention, the imminent destruction of everything our city’s businesses and residents hold dear is a perfectly viable alternative to whatever this president is doing. His policies are dangerous.”
Neither city has immediate plans to dispatch police to either protest.
“It’s best to just let nature take its course,” Murray said.

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