US shoots down Chinese spy balloons spotted over Israel

TEL AVIV – United States military forces report that they have shot down two Chinese spy balloons flying over Israel during the past 24 hours.

US forces destroyed Chinese spy balloons near Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem

Using surface to air missiles, the US destroyed the balloons near Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, both of which they deemed a “serious security threat” to the Israelis.

Speaking to the press, secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin told reporters, “We are a nation that projects more than $1.9 trillion in defense spending in 2023, and Israel is our greatest ally. What did the Chinese government think we were going to do? Just let China do whatever they want in Israeli airspace? The safety of the Israeli people is priority #1. The last thing we are going to do is let China disrespect the security, privacy and autonomy of the Israeli people.”

The large white balloons have been spotted elsewhere throughout the world, but nowhere that US intelligence deems as important a security risk as they are in Israel.

Congress is expected to send additional defense funds to Israel to help combat such security breeches.

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