Despite bumps, Biden polling over 100% head-to-head vs Trump in battleground states

New polling on a potential Joe Biden/Donald Trump election rematch in 2024 shows that, if held today, President Biden would thump the ex-president, including winning by a much larger margin in areas thought to be key battlegrounds in 2020.

The poll, conducted by CNN, shows that Biden has opened a throttling lead in popularity in Arizona and Georgia, two states that threatened recounts in 2020. In Arizona, where 1065 registered voters were polled, 114% preferred Biden to only 58% who preferred Trump. In Georgia, where 978 were polled, the gap is smaller — 108% to 56% — but considerable enough that Biden would likely coast to victory.
One anchor stated that the polling does not come as a real surprise in spite of Biden’s numerous gaffes and scandals, double digit inflation during his administration, and questions concerning the administration’s handling of the pandemic and vaccine roll-outs.
“These numbers still seem very reflective of what I’m seeing and the opinions I’m hearing,” the anchor said.
“Trump really doesn’t stand a chance with only 55 or 60% support,” noted a guest.
Biden polls close to 100% in several other states in similar matchups, the network declared, although it did not make those polling numbers available.
The network states that the poll reflects some margin of error, but points out, “not so high a margin that it isn’t reflective of Biden’s overwhelming popularity, especially when pitted against Trump.”
In Arizona, Biden polled at 128% against Florida governor Ron DeSantis and 140% against Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin. However, the numbers are closer in places the network described as “insurrection country”.

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