Former “Cosby Show” employee who was not raped by star suing due to unequal workplace opportunity

A lawsuit filed last Wednesday in a Los Angeles civil court by a Jane Doe who worked on 1980s hit television program “The Cosby Show” alleges that star Bill Cosby provided unequal opportunities when the comedian failed to drug and rape the complainant.

Cosby in 1976, showing how male and female parts work. Source

In the lawsuit, the complainant — whose name will be leaked by TMZ at a later date — claims that by failing to rape her, Cosby did not provide her the same opportunity to take him to civil court and claim hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in a settlement decades after-the-fact as he had afforded several other staffers on the same program.
“By drugging and raping only select members of the staff, Cosby had — in effect — offered some employees a de-facto retirement plan that he had not offered other employees in similar position within the company,” the complaint reads.
Prominent Clunge County, Virginia attorney Randall Kirger, who notably defends the Brown Valley Regional Scoutmasters Union (BVRS), believes such a suit could establish some definition on equal opportunity in social settings with leadership roles, admitting that his clients at BVRS are particularly interested.
Kirger noted, however, that the case may be found to be without merit and dismissed altogether. “After all, she is taking him to court and seeking punitive damages, proving that he didn’t deny her that opportunity,” Kirger stated, however ceding that “it’s current year, and people really don’t seem to like that guy, so you can never tell.”
Cosby has not been contacted yet for a comment, but sources close to the comedian say that he’s certain to have a a clever anecdote or a hilariously warm reflection to share on the topic at a later date.
A clerk with the Los Angeles Court, Karen Something-or-Another, who totally refused to give our journalists the name of the complainant, says the suit seeks $850,000 in punitive damages from the octogenarian comedian.

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