“Don we now our WHAT?” Local woman rages at school chorale over misinterpreted lyric

BROWN VALLEY, Virginia — Chaos erupted at Ray Lewis Elementary’s Annual Christmas Chorale when a parent who misinterpreted a lyric began throwing hard plastic chairs at the school’s administration.
Witnesses report that Donna Dooley, 38, of Brown Bottom, shouted “Don we now our what? Don we now our fucking what?” as she rapidly fired chairs at a group of teachers and school leaders seated to the left of the stage, interrupting the 4th Grade class’ rendition of “Deck the Halls”.
“Now even the apparels are fucking faggots? Is that what you’re teaching my kid? Is that what you sick, grooming motherfuckers are trying to teach our kids? That even the apparels are fuckin’ homos? Can they not even just enjoy the fucking holidays without you ramming it down their throats about about who the apparels like to fuck?” the unhinged woman reportedly yelled while careening projectiles off of staff members.
Pointing at the students 20 feet away, she pleaded with other parents, “Where the fuck can the children go to escape this fucking insanity?
The 4th Grade chorale was led off the stage until the Dooley had been calmed and escorted away by local sheriff’s deputies. The students returned to finish the show with a rousing boogie-woogie interpretation of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman”.
Two teachers, whose names were requested to not released, were treated and released from Culvert County Regional Hospital with minor injuries, each requiring stitches.
Dooley, who has two students at Lewis, has been charged with aggravated assault, with more charges pending at press time.
The pot luck planned for after the chorale was cancelled, and parents who left dishes behind are invited to collect those before schools close for the holidays on December 22.
Ray Lewis Elementary music director Randall Kirger had no comment to the Brown Valley Observer about Dooley’s actions or the incident, but did say that he plans to replace the lyric next year with “something modern, maybe a line about H&M or something.”

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