MLB fans desperate to see someone come within 11 home runs of Barry Bonds’ record finally get their wish

While fans who really hoped to see someone come within 10 home runs of Barry Bonds’ Major League Baseball single season home run record will have to wait at least one more year, fans desperate to see a player come within 11 home runs of Barry’s record finally got their wish Saturday when New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge connected for his 62nd home run of the 2022 season in a game against the Texas Rangers at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

Aaron Judge came with 11 home runs of matching Barry Bonds’ MLB record. (Photo: Keith Allison)

“I always had faith in Aaron,” said longtime Yankees fan Will McFarber. “I knew if anyone could come within 11 home runs or so of Barry’s record, it would be him.”
“It was truly amazing to see someone hit the 7th most home runs in a single season in professional baseball history. I feel like I really witnessed something here,” said supporter Sheila Arbuckle.
Judge, who ran a full 3/4 of a mile less in home run trots in 2022 than Bonds did during his record-shattering 2001 season, admitted it was flattering to be considered among the ranks of someone who could hit nearly as many homers in as season as Bonds.
“Hitting 85% as many home runs as Barry Bonds did in a single season is quite the calling card,” said Judge, who is expected to rake in a huge contract during free agency this offseason. “But make no mistake, it would be nearly fucking impossible for me to hit 12 more than I hit this season to break Barry’s amazing, Major League Baseball-recognized record.”
Ever humble himself, Judge was showered with praise by former MLB players, many of whom were amazed by Judge’s brush with becoming the first player to come within 10 of Bonds’ record since Bonds set it.
Former Cubs MVP Sammy Sosa — who had 3 seasons of 63 or more home runs in the National League — sent a text to the slugger saying “You truly are the fourth best single season home run hitter ever. Congratulations!” Former Orioles slugger Brady Anderson told Judge, “Yeah, I guess you had a pretty good season.”
Texas pitcher Jesus Tinoco, who surrendered Judge’s 62nd home run, congratulated the Yankees star, but admitted to reporters that “it’s a little disheartening to be asked how it feels to make history in this way, to surrender a player’s 62nd home run. I feel the way Scott Elarton, Eric Plunk, and Anthony Shumaker felt, or how David Williams and Matt Clement felt when they surrendered a player’s 62nd home run. It feels like nothing, Barely anyone remembers who was pitching when anyone hit their 62nd home run ever since Steve Traschel gave up the 62nd home run to McGwire. 62 doesn’t really matter. The record is 73.”

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