Washington Commanders football team reveals new logo

The newly-branded Washington Commanders football team unveiled their new logo to match their name this morning. According to team officials, the new Commanders logo depicts a man overseeing (commanding) workers at a family-run cotton textile business.

The new Commanders logo shows a man overseeing (commanding) a family-run cotton business.

“With this logo, we hope to be able to reach our fanbase — which is now mostly located in Virginia — in a manner which respects the area’s heritage without offending those who pay for tickets to our games and events and who buy our merchandise,” the Commanders’ official release states.
Some think the franchise plans to move to Northern Virginia in the coming years as their home at Fed-Ex Field has fallen into disrepair.
In the past, the Washington Football franchise has used a series of names that some found offensive, including the Washington Redskins, the Boston Braves, the West Boston Wagonburners, and the Hoboken Dirty Red Animals. Team officials, including owner Dan Snyder, decided to part ways with controversial names after the name Washington Football Team was protested by indigenous Footballteam tribespeople during the 2021 season.
“We hope this new, more universal name and family-friendly imagery — both of which are steeped in local heritage — will encourage Washington Commanders fans to move forward with us as an inclusive franchise into 2022 and beyond,” the team’s press release reads.
The team is expected to mount the logo onto burgundy helmets with hopes to continue using the team’s traditional burgundy and gold color theme.

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