Reports of accident near Hershey exit grossly misstated

Reports of a serious accident near the Hershey Avenue exit earlier today were grossly misstated, eyewitnesses report.

Reports of an accident near Exit #2 of the Brown Valley Expressway poured into our news desk at 2pm, however the details indicate that the incident was minor in nature. While a more serious accident seemed imminent, an actual pile-up at the #2 Hershey exit was averted thanks to quick-thinking and a brake-squealing stop, witnesses told the Observer. From there, traffic bottlenecked and was touch-and-go for a short period before a regular flow was allowed to continue along the popular commuter routes. Several callers stated that they believed that no clean-up was required and that any concerns of a serious accident or obstructions could be wiped clean.
While some eyewitnesses report that a large skidmark appears in the place where the accident nearly occurred, current traffic reports indicate that both the Expressway and Hershey are moving fine, and users can enter and exit Hershey Avenue with ease.

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