Due to COVID, Ghislaine Maxwell sentence can be served at 156 acre estate, court says

Prosecutors in the child sex trafficking case of socialite Ghislaine Maxwell have agreed with a defense motion that any sentence Maxwell receives following her guilty verdicts can be served on her New Hampshire estate, due to measures in place to prevent crowding in prisons in the wake of the COVID pandemic.
Maxwell was found guilty of 5 of 6 charges she faced related to an infamous child sex trafficking ring run by deceased co-conspirator Jeffrey Epstein.

Maxwell with a former Epstein assistant in a photo used during her trial (SDNY).

The defense’s motion pointed out that Maxwell was non-violent and unlikely to repeat her offenses, and that the comforts of her expansive, secluded 156 acre estate made it unlikely that Maxwell would present any flight risk.
Noting the issue of prison crowding during the pandemic, which has seen thousands of prisoners nationwide released to home confinement, the prosecution agreed to the motion “with reservations”, and the motion was summarily allowed by the judge. Among reservations discussed, prosecutors forcefully demanded that the estate’s personal servant staff on the estate be reduced from six to three, and that aside from landscapers, pool service, construction, or incidental maintenance, no more than four servants could be on the estate grounds to assist Maxwell at any time. Prosecutors also declined to contest a defense motion that will allow Maxwell unrestricted internet usage, with prosecutors noting “There’s nothing good on there these days anyway.”
If she receives the maximum penalties, Maxwell faces up to 65 years of confinement on the luxurious 156 acre estate once the sentencing phase of her trial concludes.

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