Judge in Rittenhouse trial changes ringtone to “I Predict a Riot” by Kaiser Chiefs

Just days after facing media scrutiny for his ringtone, Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder’s phone rang in the courtroom during closing arguments at the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse again Monday, revealing that he had changed his ringtone over the weekend.
The new ringtone?
“I Predict A Riot” by UK’s Kaiser Chiefs.

Kenosha Circuit Judge Bill changed his ringtone from “God Bless the USA” to “I Predict a Riot” over the weekend.

Schroeder, who was appointed by Democratic governor Anthony Earl in 1983 and since elected to remain as judge for seven 6-year terms by liberal Kenosha voters, came under fire during the trial’s second week of testimony when his un-silenced phone sounded off in the courtroom, blaring 1980s country hit “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood. “God Bless the USA”, a patriotic song which has charted numerous times since it’s release, is frequently used during military ceremonies and government functions and has been used by countless political campaigns, including recently by former president Donald Trump.
“Obviously, this means that the judge supports Trump, and probably has been a Trump voter since he first joined the Kenosha DA’s office in the early 1970s. Why else would a United States Circuit Court judge have a patriotic song as his ringtone?” Culvert County political expert Rand Kirger suggested.
“Obviously, this entire American legal system is rigged by the type of people who’d like to erode confidence in the American election system,” Kirger told our reporter. “The last thing we need is a country tainted by conspiracy theorists, Russian sympathizers, and a biased lunatic fringe.”

For his part, Schroeder blushed and silenced his phone after a few bars of the Kaiser Chief’s 2004 hit played, and encouraged the prosecution to wrap up their closing arguments.
Kirger scoffed at the judge’s choice in a replacement ringtone.
“I’m not sure what he could be referencing with that one, unless it’s a dog whistle to violent Trump supporters to attack,” Kirger suggested. “America, and especially the Kenosha area, has no real recent history of rioting or unruly mobs — only peaceful protests — outside of January 6. American liberals have an amazing track record of taking court cases in stride, with patience and understanding, despite the blatant attempts of the American right to rig the courts. This tells me he anticipates that the jury will find against Rittenhouse and will anger American conservatives.”
Rittenhouse is on trial for shooting three protestors during a highly-publicized incident in Kenosha in 2020, killing two. While defense attorney’s have claimed self-defense based upon videos which show the victims chasing and in some cases attacking Rittenhouse, Kirger is unconvinced that the defense has successfully argued their case.
“Unless the jury has been tainted by watching the very clear videos of the incident, by hearing testimonies of prosecution’s witnesses which only superficially benefited the defense, by basic familiarity with the right to defend one’s self against attack, or even by Judge Schroeder’s disgusting choice of a patriotic ringtones, I don’t see any way that the jury can find in favor of Rittenhouse,” Kirger explained. “All legal mumbo-jumbo aside, I watch cable news and I know that little shit is guilty!”

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  1. I reckon the judge has a sly sense of humour and when the media blew up over his ringtone he changed it that one just to see how hard they bite.

    Anyway it is bad form for anyone to have their phone on or at least on “silent” in a courtroom.


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