VA Governor Ralph Northam says he’ll miss keeping his face covered once pandemic is over

Northam (right … or maybe left) has been photographed with a face covering as early as 1984.

Acquaintances of Ralph Northam told The Brown Valley Observer that the Virginia governor says he will miss having his face covered once the coronavirus pandemic is over.
Northam, who has been spotted throughout the pandemic in various stages of mask cover and uncover, has a long personal history of using facial coverings. Some suspect that Northam’s own recreational use of face coverings long before the pandemic has emboldened the governor’s approach to mask mandates in Virginia’s coronavirus response.
“Mr. Northam takes great pleasure in wearing facial coverings, for assorted reasons,” said one acquaintance. “He’s really going to miss masking when this chapter of America comes to his close. Hell, I expect that his endorsement of (fellow Democrat) Terry McAuliffe in the upcoming gubernatorial election has as much to do with McAuliffe’s own stated commitment to face coverings as it does to party solidarity.”
“Mr. Northam is just going to coast it out until (heavily favored gubernatorial candidate) Terry McAuliffe comes in so that Ralph can return to the private sector and feel good about wearing a face covering like he did for years before getting elected. I know he really hates taking (his face covering) off, or congregating with political leaders without some sort of facial cover,” another acquaintance told The Observer.
Northam infamously came under fire for face covering usage in February 2019, with some calling for his resignation over photos that showed Northam engaged in recreational face covering long before pandemics were of any concern.
Supporters, however, now recognize that Northam was a pioneer with his lifelong dedication to wearing face coverings.
“I can’t believe anyone got upset over a man being so far ahead of his time,” one fellow Democrat explained. “As we saw just a year after those photos surfaced, his cavalier attitude towards wearing a face cover should be applauded, not rejected. If anyone is looking to creating a safer society, it’s Ralph Shearer Northam and his face covering!”

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