New Arkansas law to target instain mother who kill thier babbys

A monument to men leaving their wife and children to fend for themselves stands outside the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock

The Arkansas General Assembly voted unanimously Tuesday to pass legislation directed at punishing instain mothers who kill thier babbys.
While other states are reckoning with abortion battles, lawmakers in Little Rock have dealing with the other end of protection, namely protecting babbys who are already out of the womb. The assembly has been been under the public’s scrutiny for nearly two decades in the form of a campaign to force the legislative body to act on behalf of babbys, most of whom have no voice but whom many feel deserve equal protection and right to life outside of the womb.
“We must take a stand for these babby becuse these babby can’t frigth back,” explained a press release from the 93rd Arkansas General Assembly. “Many will recall the nightmare in 2006 when an instain mother from New York smothered her three babbys right here in AR. We hope that this new legislation will convince instain mothers here that it’s not worth it, and to persuade instain mothers who might cross state lines to reconsider killing thier babbys here in our state, or even at all.”
While details of the legislation are unclear at this time, the Arkansas Majority Whip was very clear that the legislation was aimed to completely do way instain mothers who kill their babbys.
“While we cannot bring back any of the babby lost over the years while we had no appropriate legislation to do way instain mother, our hearts go out to these babby and thier family. We will continue to pary. We are truley sorry for your lots,” the Whip tweeted.
Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson is expected to update the press on Monday about the legislation agreed upon by the Assembly, and is expected to sign the legislation into law in July.

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