Phil Anselmo (finally) apologizes for appropriating “Walk on, homeboy” in signature Pantera song

Outspoken one-time Pantera frontman Philip Anselmo marked the Juneteenth holiday by issuing a public apology for lyrics which he had culturally appropriated in Pantera’s signature song, “Walk”.
Anselmo’s Facebook account, which usually posts only promotional material for current projects Down and Philip Anselmo & the Illegals. posted the apology late in the evening on the 19th.
“I feel like its the right thing to do to take a stand right now and apologize for appropriating black culture when I said “Walk on, homeboy,” which was popular street lingo among the baddest street niggas where I come from. I thought it sounded cool and threatening, and I used it. I did not consider how appropriating the ebonic language at the time could negatively affect my double-jointed brothers and sisters, and I apologize.”

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Many of Anselmo’s Facebook Top Fans seemed very supportive of the message. Some shared stories of times that they, too, had encountered people of color in real-life situations, and some pleaded for a sensible resolutions to current problems and to help find middle ground for people of all backgrounds.
Jim Shade of Brownwater, Kentucky responded by telling of a time he’d accidentally called a group of black men a string of racial epithets and how the entire incident better prepared him for the jail sentence he served two years later after his 4th DUI.

Phil, seen here with LaTavia Robertson of Destiny’s Child, has been a longtime proponent of woke culture (via Facebook)

“I owe that incredible learning experience to men who at one time I wouldn’t have spat on if they were on fire, and who even now I would only spit on if they allowed me to after drinks,” Shade admitted.
Sid Krauss of Stumpseat, Arkansas, shared “Wow, Phil, your words are really making me reconsider my position in the militia.”
Others were less moved, including Ian McSuperjointfanforlife, who responded to the apology with a simple, “I’m not racist, but just like the NFL, I liked Phil better before he got all political”.

Anselmo can be seen regularly appropriating black culture with Philip Anselmo and the Illegals. Check your local venue listings.

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