Georgia Trump supporter says he voted Biden 12,780 times “as a joke to test the system out”

Georgia voter and avid Donald Trump supporter Morton Jisman was arrested Saturday morning after telling officials that he had voted for Joe Biden “thousands of times” through the mail in November’s election in what he claims was a tongue-in-cheek gesture to test the mail-in voting system.

bvo breaking election

Jisman, a weedeater operations specialist from Bearslit, Georgia, reported himself to election officiants at 9am Saturday, telling one officiant that he “didn’t take the mail-in votes seriously” and that he submitted “a shitload of votes for that Biden feller just as a joke to try’n test the system out.”
“It was right around 12,780 of ’em, far as I can figure,” Jisman told the officiants. “I figured it didn’t matter none, seeing as how the whole thang seemed rigged anyhow.”
As this story is just developing, no details are available as to how Jisman claims to have acquired over 12,000 mail-in ballots, nor of any system he may have used to submit them.
Jisman said that he “knew (he’d) done wrong” and appeared ready to face the consequences, the officiant told a reporter for The Brown Valley Observer. Georgia State Patrolmen picked up Jisman from his Bearslit cabin at 11:00am without incident and took him to Athens to await transport. Jisman is expected to be transported to Atlanta where he will be given a polygraph examination and, pending the results of the test, possibly arraigned as early as Monday on federal election fraud charges.
Jisman says that because of the incident, he now believes wholehearted in the mail-in voting system, and believes that all the votes he submitted were authentic. “It works, they definitely counted ’em all, all roughly 12,780 of ’em” he told the officiant.
Asked why he’d waited until 2 1/2 months after election to come forward, Jisman reportedly told the officiant, “I knew that dang election was rigged against Trump, but I was worried if I come forward about them roughly 12,780 illegal ballots, all they’da done is nullify the six legitimate ones I sent in for Trump!”

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