Callous police shooting of demonstrator mars mostly peaceful protests at US Capitol

Protesters converged in Washington to contest the certification of the highly questionable 2020 electoral college vote. Most carried signs and picketed around the building, chanting and cheering in support of president Donald Trump. It was a day of love, reflection, unity, and prayer for those involved, who braved the cold hoping to bring awareness to the fairly-debatable outcome of the November election. Some wore fur clothing to protect them from the blustery January elements.

Peaceful protestors converged for a day of demonstration and prayer around the US Capitol on Wednesday. (Ted Eytan, CC)

In a secluded incident destined to taint the peaceful demonstrations, several protesters and/or counter protesters politely entered the US Capitol in order to obtain a free tour of the building which has been closed to the general public since the beginning of the COVID crisis. Startled police and security attempted to stop those taxpaying citizens from viewing the fruits of their labor, culminating in the callous, unprovoked murder of one unarmed woman who remains unidentified but who was probably a wonderful family woman. This calculated murder adds to a long list of cold-blooded, merciless killings committed by police over the past several years, and puts a damper on the time-honored American tradition of offering tours of federal buildings to peaceful protest demonstrators.
Three other people died from other causes, likely COVID related. Several were injured, including several officers whose lives do not matter.
In spite of the incident, most continued to pray and preach unity throughout the evening. As the night wore on, several left at the request of the president, who tweeted his concerns about police targeting demonstrators and unarmed citizens, as has been one of his key focuses during his administration.
“The news networks want to focus on the secluded violence incident, but make no mistake, most of us were just here trying to forge a better, more loving path for our children, and to restore faith in our democratic process” said Karen Heap of Arlington. “Maybe if they just looked for the positives to a story for once, they would see that most of us were just praying to Jesus to restore our faith in America, in one another, and to help us find right around 12,000 votes in Georgia.”
The officer who killed the woman remains unidentified, but will likely be doxxed by cable news networks later today, as is the tradition.

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