True: Factcheck site Snopes rated claim that Ghislaine Maxwell tested positive for COVID-19 in NH jail

Online factcheck site Snopes rated a claim published by the Brown Valley Observer that Ghislaine Maxwell had contracted COVID-19 in jail.
This claim has been rated as “True”.

On July 3, The Brown Valley Observer website published a story entitled “Ghislaine Maxwell tests positive for COVID-19 in New Hampshire jail, DOJ reports“. After being heavily shared via Facebook on July 4, the article went viral on Twitter on July 5, to mixed reactions. While many accepted the information readily as part of an ongoing conspiracy related to Jeffrey Epstein and numerous public figures, others called it “fake news” and wondered if popular online fact-check site Snopes had clarified the status of the article.

So, did Snopes fact-check the article and give it as rating?

A basic internet search shows that Snopes did fact-check The Brown Valley Observer’s article about Ghislaine Maxwell testing positive for COVID-19 and gave it a rating. The rating for this claim is:

The Snopes article can be viewed here.

It should also be noted that, since Snopes found the statement to be neither “False”, “Half True,” or even “Mixed”, there is no reason to believe that The Brown Valley Observer published “fake news” as some people have claimed. A study conducted by the Boulder Springs School of Medicine concluded that those who claim the article to be “fake” are what is professionally known in the psychological field as “full of monkey mud”.


  1. When you click the Snopes link it actually says it has been labeled as sattire, not truth…..? I have no doubt that they will kill her at some point and blame it on something else, but let’s not discredit things by outwardly making a false claim of something I saw nowhere on their site.


    1. With all due respect, Charlie, at no point does this article make a false claim.
      This article posits that Snopes fact-checked the article. The claim being fact-checked in this article is whether or not Snopes fact-checked the article. It did. The claim is true.


      1. D. R., Snopes did fact check. However, Snopes has labeled this as satire. Not fact. Click the link shared in this article and see for yourself.
        Also, the disclaimer for this entire website is that it’s all satire. I truly hope this isn’t where you’re getting your news.


      2. The article never claims anything to the contrary.
        Read the statements again.
        The claim being fact checked is “Online factcheck site Snopes rated a claim published by the Brown Valley Observer that Ghislaine Maxwell had contracted COVID-19 in jail.”
        That statement is true.
        Snopes did rate the claim, and the link to their factcheck about that article is in this article.
        This article does not make a false claim. The OTHER article may have been fact-checked as satire, but this article makes no statement about Snopes’ findings whatsoever, it is only fact-checking whether or not Snopes fact-checked the other article. Which they did, hence the finding of “true”.


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