White supremacists “The Chicks” drop Dixie from band name for not being not racist enough

Country music stars The Chicks shed the abbreviated name of British surveyor Jeremiah Dixon from (now former) band name The Dixie Chicks after realizing that the name wasn’t racist enough.
Singer Natalie Maines told reporters that she had been feeling uncomfortable with the name for some time.

Reporters say it’s very difficult to find public domain images of white supremacist vocal group “The Chicks”.

“I named the band The Dixie Chicks long ago, in the late 1980s, as a means of expressing my white supremacist tendencies,” admitted Maines. “Over the years, my views — and especially my public views — on separatism and things like race-mixing have eased somewhat. We have to sell records, after all. But make no mistake, I had tried to stay true to my roots by keeping the name Dixie as part of the project, to keep that portion of the crowd coming back. Those people, those fans, are very important to us and our success.”
Maines said the name change was originally conceived upon learning that Jeremiah Dixon originally surveyed the Mason-Dixon line decades before the American Revolution based entirely upon a land dispute between the colonies of Maryland and Pennsylvania, and not as the dividing line between the North and South, as she had long believed.
“When I realized that the Mason-Dixon was surveyed just as a colonial border and not as a guarantee that slavery could continue and thrive to the benefit of white people, it seemed a lot less significant to me. I’ve wrestled with the decision ever since that discovery,” Maines told reporters.
“Plus, I realize now that the Mason-Dixon borders on Maryland, and that place is a rat-infested shithole,” Maines sneered.
Maines told reporters that she hopes the name The Chicks will continue to infuriate and offend audiences, and that she expects backlash.
“I’m sure the feminists will have a field day,” Maines said, “But, you know what? Fuck them.
The Chicks are no strangers to controversy. In 2003, Maines infamously told a London crowd that she was ashamed to be from the same state as George W. Bush after seeing a photograph of the then-President shaking a black man’s hand and smiling.

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