Binders full of women praise Mitt Romney’s break with GOP over Trump

Binders full of women have come forward to praise Mitt Romney’s decision to break with the GOP and support convicting Donald Trump during the crucial impeachment vote Wednesday. Social media, once a minefield for the Utah Senator, was alight with praises from Democrats who forgave their past differences and applauded his integrity and character.

Binders full of women suddenly think Romney is the best thing since bayonets.

“I’ve totally forgiven Mitt for driving around with a dog on top of his car and the obnoxiously polite way he used to disagree with Barack Obama,” said Jaime Lipbottom of Avery, Rhode Island. “Now that we have found middle ground on this one issue, I have a complete respect and admiration for him.”
“Mitt has always been the nicest guy. While I did not vote for him in 2012, I don’t recall ever having anything but nice things to say about him, and his views on women’s reproductive issues isn’t nearly as restrictive as I once believed them to be,” posted Laurel Umquat of Mead, Oregon.
“I know I told a lot of my friends on social media that I thought Mitt Romney was a Nazi fashy cocksucking horse murderer and a closeted queer back in 2012, but that was then and this is now and my views have really come around quite a bit since then. I realize that Mitt is exactly the type of charismatic leader the Republican Party can be proud of,” posted Linda Burrslough of Trapperkeeper, Indiana.
Despite binders full of women suddenly thinking Romney is the best thing since bayonets, recent polling from CNN indicates that as many as 47% of women say they are never going to support him.

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