Report: Inaugural committee has already paid deposits for Kanye, Kid Rock to perform at 2021 presidential ceremony

A report circulating on Capitol Hill indicates that the Joint Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies has already paid the deposits to have pop stars Kid Rock and Kanye West perform at the 2021 presidential inauguration ceremony.
Noting issues with booking entertainers for the 2017 ceremonies, the Committee — which usually convenes after the November election —- convened early for the sole purpose of avoiding the same hassles the previous Committee faced.

Superstars Kid Rock (left) and Kanye West (right) have reportedly already been contacted to play the 2021 presidential inauguration.

While generally applauding the notion of getting out ahead of previous issues, some on the Hill criticized the selections, pointing to West and Rock’s previous statements in support of President Trump and their invites to Trump’s Oval Office, and saying that any committee convened 10 months before a national election should have had the foresight to choose more “neutral” entertainers.
“What would really lack foresight would be to wait until the last minute to book premiere entertainment,” one member of the Committee told the Observer.
“It’s hard to make everyone happy. Last time around we had trouble finding anyone who was willing to perform, and that was an issue, and this time we got two of the biggest entertainers in music today and for some reason, that’s a problem?”
Some in Congress bucked the trend, applauding and and echoing the Committee’s selections. Congressman Rand Kirger (I-VA) defended the choices, telling the Observer, “Politics may be divisive, but Kanye West’s music isn’t divisive. He has a multitude of fans on either side of the political aisles. He has 9 consecutive #1 albums and more than a dozen #1 singles. It’s amazing to have a current artist of this caliber performing for any president, and the Committee should be commended. And Kid Rock, he did that cowboy thing. I mean, come on … who doesn’t love the cowboy thing?”

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