Man posting incest memes for 3 days straight on Facebook confident it will to get Alabama to change their laws

Convinced that it will help change attitudes in the state and help those affected by recent abortion legislation, social media user Brent Bachmann has spent the last three days posting repetitive incest memes about Alabama residents to his Facebook account.
Having been joined by dozens of close friends and acquaintances and millions of Facebookers nationwide, Bachmann and many others are pretty sure that utilizing the posting method, which is known in some internet circles as “pissing into an ocean of piss“, is the most effective way to combat Alabama abortion laws that many Americans feel violate 1972’s landmark Roe vs Wade and 1992’s Planned Parenthood vs Casey decisions.

This will show those bastards in Alabama!

“This will show those bastards in Alabama,” Bachmann insists. “If I post that everyone in Alabama is a bunch of cousin fuckers and sister fuckers a hundred, maybe 200 times, certainly Alabama lawmakers will see the logic behind it all and change their minds about such legislation.”
While Alabama lawmakers haven’t budged and there is every indication that the laws will be fast-tracked to a hearing before the Supreme Court, Bachmann hasn’t been deterred for a moment.
“We’re not just throwing these memes blindly into an abyss,” Bachmann said. “I know these memes have all the power I believe them to have. Alabama lawmakers will see these accusations about the residents of their state, take it very personally, and rescind that law. That’s how it works. If several years as a member of countless online social justice movements has taught me anything, it’s that you get a lot done by slandering people and expressing your disdain for them, even those people entirely uninvolved in the decision making process and those who might be directly and painfully affected by these laws which we oppose. Ridiculing those affected individuals is considerably more useful than contacting people who can make a difference or opening up a constructive dialog.”
Bachmann admits that began saving incest memes to his cloud storage two years ago, something that he doesn’t find odd in the least.
“Freudian? No, I don’t think so. I haven’t ever even thought about having sex with my cousins,” he stated. “Not even Debbie, and she’s gorgeous with really great, well groomed brown hair and these big, beautiful brown eyes like my mom’s. Oh, and really, really luscious 34Ds, too. And it’s never crossed my mind.”

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