Joe Biden says we have an “obligation” to make Joey Lawrence the next Batman

Former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden told reporters Thursday that “every good American” has an “obligation” to do his or her part to make sure Joey Lawrence plays Batman in DC’s upcoming film The Batman.
“Joey is an asset to the entertainment universe,” the candidate told reporters. “He’s played cherished characters, he’s voiced cherished characters, he’s something of an undervalued American icon.”

joey lawrence joe biden
Former VP Joe Biden says that America has an “obligation” to make sure that Joey Lawrence (right) is cast in the next Batman film.

“Look, we have a real crisis in this country where we keep offering the job to the richer guy, giving the easy opportunity to the established product, ” Biden offered. “How can hard workers get ahead in that model? Sure, you could reel in Robert Pattinson with a big payday and continue to fill his pockets, or you could bring in a real talent like Joey and really shake up the structure by giving the role in a surefire summer blockbuster to an entirely different very handsome, very talented, very viable actor who could probably use the elevation.”
Asked whether he felt that Lawrence — best known for his television roles on Blossom and Melissa & Joey as well as his musical accumen — might be “too old” to play the caped crusader at age 43, Biden contended that Joey’s skin regimen made him “the most youthful 43 year old I’ve ever seen” and that Joey is “completely jacked, ripped, buff, however you like to say it. He’s got the physique of a 25 year old athlete,” adding that Joey is “way ahead of any of the competition for the role when it comes to filling out a muscle suit.”
Lawrence has used his social media accounts to promote his interest in joining the project for months. Joe Biden has noticed.
Joey has the desire, more desire than any actor in Hollywood does to play this role, and it’s that energy you need to bring credence to the Batman role. These other guys aren’t even thinking about it and they won’t unless they’re offered it, then they’ll just either cram or sleepwalk through it the way a few others have. Joey’s been ready for this role his whole life, he’s been waiting for this moment to shine, and its time we bound together and told DC Comics and Hollywood that as far as The Batman goes, ‘it’s either Joey Time or its a no from me, dawg.'”

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