Alex Jones believes he has found a way to reverse effects of chemicals that turn frogs gay

In spite of his popular Infowars site receiving a full shuttering from popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, radio host Alex Jones has kept very busy over the past week asking the questions and offering the solutions that his fans want to hear.
It is perhaps ironic that Jones is currently banned from social media, the place where his biggest detractors feasted on memes about Jones’ most infamous claim: that the chemical atrazine was/is “turning the frogs friggin’ gay“. Why? Because that’s exactly the group he’d most like to hear his latest theory.
Alex Jones told listeners Thursday that he believes he has found a way to combat the effects atrazine has on frogs.
His theory?
“Listen to this: really hot frogs,” the host boomed.
“Really, hear me out. The atrazine has made the frogs turn gay, turn asexual, made the dude frogs get with the dude frogs, however you want to say it. But frogs, their brains might be smaller but they’re still trainable. If they can learn one thing they can learn another, they can unlearn. This isn’t some half-cocked prayer deal, I’m suggesting total immersion therapy where the scientists breed some really hot lady frogs and introduce them into the environment. Just toss the hot lady frogs into the pond with the gay ones and let nature take it’s course,” the infamous host explained.

alex jones club
Infowars host Alex Jones believes that “really hot frogs” might be able to reverse the male-coupling effect of the chemical atrazine.

Despite the ridicule pundits and American leftists have given Jones since the gay frog rant, Jones’ atrazine story is not without merit. The chemical atrazine has been attributed to emasculating male frogs in studies going back 25 years, as described by Berkeley biologists in 2010. According to the Berkeley report, the chemical  emasculates 75% of male frogs, causing them in some cases to couple with other males, and reversed the sex of about 10% of frogs in the study.
“People are going to laugh, these little Obama-heads are going to think I’m crazy but I have been right a lot more than they’ll ever give me credit for. I was never wrong about the frogs, and they should actually hope I’m right here about the lady frogs because less gay frogs supports their theory that the chemicals ain’t turning the frogs friggin’ gay, and that’s exactly what they want is for me to be wrong.”
“I’m not worried as much about being wrong,” the host said in a quieter moment. “I’m concerned about these little boy frogs and their little frog peckers. I’m worried about the continuation of their species and the sound of their little honk-honk croaking at night just like I’m worried about the continuation of my own. I feel its a very humanist and environmentally friendly approach to the subject. And I bet that my pundits will now take the side of gayness in frogs just to spite me.”

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