BREAKING: AG William Barr spotted outside Golden Corral buffet just ahead of Congressional hearing (Updated)


LARGO, Maryland — Cellphone video received by News 7 in Washington, D.C. shows that US Attorney General William Barr was spotted outside of a Golden Corral restaurant in Largo, Maryland less than 3 hours before his scheduled 10am Congressional hearing this morning.
The video, shot around 7:25am, showed Barr exiting his vehicle to join a line forming outside of the popular buffet-style restaurant.
Much speculation has circled around whether or not Barr intends to attend the fact-finding Congressional hearing.  The citizen who captured the video reports that she asked the Attorney General if “he plans to make it there today,” to which Barr responded, “I’ll be there by roll call, wouldn’t miss it.”
Congressional Democrats reportedly feel as if Barr misrepresented Robert Mueller’s findings in the Russian collusion investigation when he delivered the report in April. The hearing will help determine if Barr intentionally misled the public and, if so, to determine a path forward.

Another customer at the Golden Corral where Barr has been seen reports that the Attorney General made it through the door at 8:04am and, after paying his buffet fee, settled into a corner booth where he was seen enjoying buttered rolls with grape jelly.

The same customer who reported that they saw Barr eating buttered rolls with jelly at 8:04 reports that Barr enjoyed sausage links at 8:38am, and at 9:02am retrieved a second helping of scrambled eggs from the buffet while reading Us Weekly.

At 9:11am, the diner who previously reported that Barr was seen eating rolls and scrambled eggs reported that Barr stood up, wiped his mouth and said “Ok, let’s do this” before disappearing to the bathroom. Sounds heard from around the bathroom led some diners to believe that Barr defecated loudly before leaving the restaurant hastily.

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