Snowbama opens nostalgic “12 Inches of Snowbama” tour in Pittsburgh

Resurgent performer Snowbama, best known for his platinum 12 Inches of Snowbama album, formally submitted his entry into the current nostalgia fad last night when he opened his new “12 Inches of Snowbama” anniversary tour at a firehall in Pittsburgh. The performer, and his financiers, hope for the tour to go a full 18 months, with hundreds of stops already scheduled in predominantly coastal cities.

Snowbama opened his “12 Inches of Snowbama” supertour in Pittsburgh on April 29. (file photo)

“They cut my last tour short,” Snowbama shouted while shrugging in front of the Steel City crowd at one point, who echoed back their disapproval. “They said that I didn’t have what it takes to sit at the top. And ever since then, some things have been done, and some things have been said, and some people have started saying that I’m low class,” the performer lamented to the supportive audience of about 600.
“Well … I’m back, and I’m here to prove to my haters that I’m not Low Class Snowbama, I’m at least Middle Class Snowbama,” the rapper announced before dedicating his single “Everybody Wants to Be Like You” to one-time collaborator Big Boi Barry.
At another point, Snowbama indicated his interested in reigniting an old rivalry with superstar MC Trumpcard.
“Trumpcard doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to stay at the top. Imagine him denying the way he’s treated women over the years. You know, some people say that takes a lot of gall. Where I come from, that makes you scum.”
As expected, the night ended with a performance of Snowbama’s big hit single, “Reformer.”
One reviewer pointed out that “the biggest obstacle for Snowbama is that he’s still not significantly different than Big Boi Barry, who passed Snowbama on his way up — way up! — a while back. It was a real courtesy and a real compliment that Barry took Snowbama along with him when he was at the top, and some of those hit collaborations have some mileage that help to keep his face value alive, but it just seems like that entire genre went out a couple of years ago.”
An up-to-date tour itinerary, listing dozen of stops in mainly small venues, can be found on Snowbama’s website.

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