5 ways Joe Biden can beat Trump in 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden, already securely at the top of many national polls for 2020 Democratic candidates, met the expectation and made his run for the presidency official in the early morning hours of April 25 via a Twitter video.

Here are 5 ways that Joe Biden can win.

1) Avoid a Twitter candidacy. Despite using the platform and announcing his candidacy there and frequently Tweeting, Joe Biden should avoid becoming a Twitter candidate like Trump and allowing himself to be be hampered by erratic Tweets the way that Trump has been since announcing his run in 2015.
Analysts predict that Biden can best deliver this message through a series of Twitter videos decrying Twitter politicians.

2) Use the DNC to his advantage. For example, he can get the Democratic Party to pay Russians to prepare a dossier revealing dirty and embarrassing details against Trump and further throw shade on the possibility that Trump colluded with Russians.
Also, we he hear the DNC has tried-and-true celebrity connections. Nothing will whip the masses into a frenzy like some photos of Joe with Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman. Some free concerts in California will probably really impress national voters, too.

3) Joe should talk as often as possible about how uncreepy he is. Joe’s candidacy hinges on placing his hands on the shoulders of voters, leaning in really close, and convincing them that he’s not creepy. He needs to take every available opportunity to insist that talking about touching women is both more creepy and a bigger contributor to rape culture than groping children and sniffing women’s hair in public. Repeat this as often as possible.
Seriously, Joe.
Remind them.
Every. Freaking. Day.

4) Media is the key. He’s really going to need to get a large majority of the media to break with tradition and side with the Democrats.

5) Dead voters, illegal voters, rigged voting machines, prison voting or any of 100 other election conspiracies that will assuredly be all the news rage in 2021. Biden will assuredly use them all. Or will he?
Well, of course he will … you know, if they’re even a thing.

Joe Biden’s candidacy hinges on placing his hands on the shoulders of voters, leaning in really close, and convincing them he’s not creepy.

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