Kendall Jenner to donate 50,000 bottles of Pepsi to still-reeling Flint, Michigan

Kendall Jenner announced today that she intends to donate 50,000 bottles of Pepsi to Flint, Michigan to assist the reeling city that has dealt with a water contamination crisis since 2014.

kendall jenner flint pepsi
Kendall Jenner is donating 50,000 Pepsis to Flint, Michigan, who have dealt with water contamination since 2014.

In spite of a public fundraiser for clean water abroad in 2017, this is Kendall’s first publicly announced donation to Flint. A spokesman for Jenner told reporters on Tuesday, “Kendall recognizes her shortcomings and says she just hopes that this donation isn’t too late to buoy the spirits of these poor souls, some of whom have been without drinking water for years.”
In the meantime, Jenner is remaining very focused and genuinely compassionate to the situation.
“Bottled water is just like so wasteful. People would be better off just drinking it from the tap,” said Jenner. “My donation takes this into consideration, as well as the desire of the downtrodden to experience cold delicious refreshment like the rest of us regular people. These people have been through a lot in the past several years. They deserve the divine pleasure of Pepsi. They deserve to drink for the love of it.”
The shipment will include a variety of popular assortment of bottled Pepsi products, including Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Mountain Dew Code Red, and is expected to arrive in Flint later this week. Jenner’s entourage is also expected to deliver 5 tanker trucks of non-potable Pepsi within the next 7 days, enough to help the Flint Water Utility replenish their nearly-depleted non-potable Pepsi reservoir.
“We had considered shipping in some of the diet Pepsi line, but (Kendall) privately expressed concerns about the unhealthful nature of some sugar substitutes,” Jenner’s spokesman reported.

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