Brooklyn Ensemble to explain why America should be angry about Mueller Report through interpretive dance

In response to confusion based around the release of the Mueller Report, the Community Dance Ensemble at Brooklyn’s Anthony Weiner Theater For the Performing Arts has decided to stage an interpretive dance intended to help explain the findings of investigative report.
The Ensemble, formed in 1998 under still-presiding director Alicia Switzer and regular performers at the Weiner Theater since 2013, plans to open a run of shows entitled “Mueller and the End of the Republic” the weekend of April 26.

“Mueller and the End of the Republic” will open at the Weiner Theater in Brooklyn on April 26 and run through the end of May.

“What we saw was an obvious disconnect in society between the findings in the report and the appropriate emotional response. These are people who are lost, people who need some direction, some interpretation, if you will. But the Mueller Report, in spite of it’s redaction, couldn’t be any more clear: that Donald Trump is guilty of so very many things that we don’t even understand yet, and that regardless of the findings we should be angry and reject this presidency in as hostile a way as possible.”
“This … this is really going to show them,” Switzer roared, shaking her fist angrily.
Switzer says the Ensemble will use variations on ballet, modern, and hip-hop dance during the “provocative and sometimes volatile” show, and that they were planning to hire a “prominent local slam poet” to rap during portions of the program.
“We just hope that people don’t get confused by the color schemes. The red outfits aren’t redactions, the black ones are the redactions. The red ones represent the death and misery and overwhelming grief that comes with this presidency.”
“I feel it’s a very fluid, accurate, well-thought-out appraisal of the situation, and will help people understand maybe not exactly what’s in the Mueller Report, but more how they should feel about the information that they don’t know.”
New-to-the ensemble dancer Amy Jillian reported that she’s “very excited” to be a part of the show and to get a chance to dance in front of a 1200-seat Weiner Theater crowd.
“I haven’t read the report, and it doesn’t seem like Alicia knows much about it either. It just seems like we have a handful of really talented ensemble girls here and a lot of really, really angry new girls here for this show. I’m trusting that Alicia has the wherewithal to make it all work together. I’m just glad to have some work and a small paycheck for a few weeks and maybe a chance to get noticed. You have no idea what kind of things a girl has to do to survive in New York.”


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