Bernie Sanders campaign fundraising emails now promoting Nutrilite sales opportunities

“There’s are lots of ways you can help the Sanders 2020 campaign” the header reads.

Recent fundraising emails from the Bernie Sanders campaign are offering a unique opportunity to be sponsored by Sanders to sell health and sports supplements.


The email indicates that, recognizing that modern people are often on the go, Sanders is hoping to provide them with quick alternatives to increase their health and energy with a line of innovative supplemental products that have been marketed for more than 70 years. The email further indicated that, with Sanders plate full with Senate and campaigning responsibilities, he would not be available to market this product at current, but that he would be willing to sponsor an unlimited number of individuals who care about people’s health, would like to help the campaign, have a few spare hours a week and who would like to be independent business owners representing a well-established Forbes 50 company that generated nearly $9 billion in sales last year.

The email promises that the opportunity is “on the level” and that many sales can be made online from social media accounts. The email explains that interested people could receive a starter kit for “usually less than $100” and could start helping the campaign — and securing their own retirement — right away.

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