CNN Cafe in Seoul adds “Nothing Burger” to daily menu

SEOUL- The CNN Cafe in Seoul, Korea may have enjoyed this week’s most irreverent moment when they introduced their new regular menu item: a Nothing Burger.

The sandwich, listed as 빈 햄버거, (bin haembeogeo, which translates to “empty burger” or “nothing burger”) is a sauteed hamburger roll served plain. It serves as a quick, inexpensive bread item for travelers (the cost is less than $1.50 US), but the obvious joke hasn’t gone unnoticed, as the item has proven a quick seller in the tourist-friendly cafe despite only poster advertising.
“It’s a whole different experience from what we’re used to stateside,” joked traveler Doris Durst of Brown Valley, Virginia. “You order it, they drop it in a paper bag and it’s in your hands in under 20 seconds. And it has substance. You can see it, you can feel it, you can smell it, and you can eat it. Sure beats the American equivalent of waiting two years and ending up with an empty stomach.”
This isn’t the first time a restaurant has used a “nothing burger” as a promotional gimmick. Washington DCs Z-Burgers used a “free nothingburgers” promotion in 2017.

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