DNC quietly vacates headquarters in Salem, Massachussetts

The Democratic National Committee unexpectedly abandoned it’s Headquarters building in Salem, Massachussetts over the weekend. The DNC had rented the building in the antique New England community in late 2016 and it had served as their central nerve center for the past 28 months.

The DNC unexpectedly abandoned their headquarters in Salem, MA over the weekend.

The sudden move caught many off-guard, including property owner Rex Crowley, who reports that the terms of the DNC’s lease are still intact.
“I was not informed in advance of their intentions. They leased the building for 4 years, so I felt like they’d be here for the full 4 years. Just up and vacating with no communication whatsoever is on them, entirely. They’re still on the hook for every dime of it as far as I’m concerned,” Crowley stated.
DNC Chairman Tom Perez has declined comment so far, leaving pundits and analysts to speculate on the intent and practicality of relocating the DNC Headquarters. There has been no announcement of a new headquarters location, although an insider indicates that the weary DNC may relocate to Dallas, Texas.
“They’re feeling worn down enough by the current administration that they even considered giving (President Donald Trump) a parade down there, a well-deserved victory lap,” the insider reported.

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