Desperate teens now resorting to smoking marijuana to get high

A recent study of high-school students showed that desperate teens are now resorting to marijuana to get the same buzz they used to get from assorted items they found casually lying about their homes.
The study showed that showed that, for the first time, high school students in 2018 had chosen smoking marijuana to get high by a slight margin over tried and true methods such using whippets, sniffing White-Out, sniffing magic markers, drinking hand sanitizer, drinking vanilla extract, sniffing Xerox sheets, huffing Dust-Off, smoking banana peels, smoking nutmeg, huffing paint, huffing contact cement, huffing hi-test gasoline, smoking Raid-laced cigarettes, smoking jimsonweed, snorting tranquilizers, snorting laxatives, Robotripping, jenkem, the choking game, licking toads, and pouring household cleaning agents into their anuses.
“It’s really disturbing when you think about the ease of access these kids have to marijuana these days,” said Virginia State Trooper Lance Shoat.
“These findings show that we are not even able to keep dangerous drugs like marijuana away from the youths,” Shoat said, shaking his head. “It sets a very disappointing precedent. We’re failing our children, throwing them right into the line of danger.”

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