Phil Lesh attributes longevity to standing in place for hours, occasionally dropping acid

Musician Phil Lesh turns 79 today, and he celebrated by offering a few words of advice for the younger generation.
The legendary bassist for The Grateful Dead and various offshoot projects, including Phil & Friends, spoke during a birthday breakfast about the secrets to touring almost nonstop for over 50 years.

Lesh in 2008 (courtesy of Flickr)

“Well, you have to love what you do, love the music, love performing. Or whatever it is you’re doing,just love it, do something you love. And you need to take care of yourself, which various members of the band weren’t able to really do over the years.”
“I’ve been turned onto lots of fads over the past several decades,” the bassist revealed, “But I’ve found that a strict regimen of standing in place for hours on end and occasionally dropping acid has always kept me healthy and focused.”
Now that’s a diet plan that’s tough to beat!
Phil has several upcoming gigs, including with Phil & Friends at Hard Rock in Las Vegas on May 4.
Here’s wishing Phil another 54 years of health and nonstop touring, so we can have this conversation again when he’s 133!

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