Time changes tonight, but you’ll still be the same useless sack of shit you always were

At 2am Sunday morning, clocks will move forward one hour, ushering in Daylight Savings Time.
You, on the other hand, will remain mostly unchanged.
While time, a uniform but entirely ideological set of measure, can change course at a moment’s notice, you’re stuck.
Tomorrow you’re just going to wake up and go through the motions.
Hello same old family and friends.
Hello same old coworkers.
Hello same old TV.
Hello internet.
Come on, death.
While time barrels forward, you’ll still have the same boring existence as always, with patterned lies and excuse-making built around a failing attempt to make yourself feel like or seem like a more accomplished human being. Or just to feel or seem alive. For fuck’s sake, just alive! That’s not too much to ask, is it?
Instead, you’ll still be the quivering emotional wreck who lies awake at night imaging ways to make your life complete, knowing full well that you’ve always ignored the best ideas or failed to even start to fix the first fucking thing about yourself. The truth is you already plateaued some time back. Did you miss it? Well, that was it. Pathetic, wasn’t it? It’s all downhill from here, but at least downhill is a direction you’re acclimated to running.
Time changes to help farmers have longer daylight hours to harvest crops to feed people at home and abroad.
And for that reason, among others, time is useful.
Unlike you.


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