R Kelly insists sex charges based around “Me Chinese, me play joke” game gone wrong

In an interview on CBS news, singer Robert Kelly — who was charged in February with 10 counts of felony aggravated sexual assault — denied the allegations by explaining that many of the charges were based around a simple miscommunication during a game based around a once-popular children’s rhyme known as “Me Chinese, me play joke.”
“You remember that one?” Kelly asked CBS’s Gayle King, pushing the corners of his eyes up to a slant. “Me Chinese, me play joke, me put pee pee in your Coke? That’s all we were doing. It was completely consensual. Everything was completely, 100% consensual.”

Singer R. Kelly explains “Me Chinese, me play joke” to Gayle King (CBS)

Kelly admitted that the game had gotten a little out of hand when he decided to see what other rhyming words would work in the song.
“That’s what I do. I’m a songwriter. I rhyme things,” Kelly pointed out.
“Maybe I should have stopped before I got to Me Chinese, me so witty, but she never indicated to me that she was interested in stopping the game,” Kelly confided.
“That’s not legitimate … you know,” Kelly explained.
Asked about the age of one the victims, who was reported to be 14 years old at the time Kelly engaged in sexual activity with her, Kelly reiterated to King, “Yeah, that’s what I said. I didn’t do it at all. None of it.”

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