Ruthless millionaire convinces millennials more government is “a revolution” to win $1 bet

Ruthless millionaire Bernard Sanders is up to his old tricks again.
This time, the lovable old codger is using his powers of persuasion to convince young Americans that asking for a bigger, more unyielding government is a “revolution” in order to win a $1 bet with Wall Street billionaire friend Quinton P. Moneybags.
Moneybags outed Sanders during a New York luncheon on Sunday, admitting that “it’s always a delight to see what type of deception he’s going to employ or whose life he’s going to destroy to win these bets.”


“That he came right out and told people that this so-called revolution involved government growing its powers expansively and opportunities for advancement becoming essentially nonexistent, they went right along with it. It’s simply amazing. There’s not only a big likeability factor right there, there’s an endorsement for people believing anything that is repeated to them enough times.”
“It’s always entertaining to watch him bait people the way he does to win these bets,” Moneybags stated. “Always worth the one dollar.”
Like many of the biggest ideas to blast through Washington, Moneybags reports that the deal was consummated by the two men alone in a Wall Street bathroom, where he reports they have met alone on numerous occasions to place bets or exchange pleasantries.
Moneybags said that Sanders has previously won bets over whether or not he could find a way for the Democratic Party to not run a candidate against him in Vermont, and over whether or not Sanders could convince people that there was a significant difference between socialism and democratic socialism.
“But,” Moneybags concluded, “he couldn’t convince people that Hillary Clinton was a worthwhile candidate.
“That’s one dollar Bernie didn’t get to keep.”

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