Rod Stewart 2019 medical emergency! You won’t believe what they found in his stomach!

Iconic singer Rod Stewart was rushed to the hospital Monday afternoon following a medical emergency at his estate outside of London.
A worker on the estate found Stewart next to the horse stables, clutching his abdominal region.

rod stewart horse

“I always find Mr. Stewart at the stables, he really seems to genuinely love horses,” the worker explained. “When I found him, I assumed at first that maybe he had been kicked, but Mr. Stewart immediately waved his hand off and said that he’d eaten something and felt it had become rancid in his stomach.”
Stewart was rushed to the hospital where doctors pumped his stomach. The name of the hospital is being withheld out of respect for Mr. Stewart’s privacy.
“I have to admit, I am not surprised what we found inside,” one doctor stated. “In fact, we’ve had Mr. Stewart here for the exact same reason in the past, and we gave him proper warning.”
The stomach pump revealed that Mr. Stewart had “at least two full quarts” of pineapple pizza in his stomach.
“Combining the acid in tomatoes and the acid pineapple can prove dangerous in large doses, especially for people advancing in age,” the doctors reported. “In fact Mr. Stewart himself had another pizza-related episode just two years ago.”
“I cant stress this enough: eating pineapple pizza is just a bad idea.”
The estate worker stated that he found an empty large pizza box near the spot at the stables where he found the pop singer.
Mr. Stewart is listed in stable condition and is likely to be released from the hospital later today.

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